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Here are some of our recommended books on psychology, lifestyle and personal development. Click linked titles to buy online from

Managing Your Recovery from Addiction

Managing Your Recovery from Addiction: A Guide for Executives, Senior Mangers and Other Professionals
David F. O'Connell

Getting and staying sober provides a special set of challenges for professional people - physicians, lawyers, corporate CEOs, accountants, and others - who drive themselves to achieve and succeed in high-pressure surroundings. Managing Your Recovery from Addiction applies business approaches and ideas to the process of planning, implementing, and carrying out programmes that really work for professionals in their first year of recovery. This unique self-help book provides guidance to impaired executives and professionals seeking recovery through inpatient and outpatient care, setting strategies for managing conflict, dealing with changing emotions and moods, and developing a solid spiritual programme.

Life and How to Survive It

Life and How to Survive It
Robin Skynner, John Cleese, Bud Handelsman (Illustrator)

Mandarin; ISBN: 0749311088

Born to Win

Born to Win
Muriel James, Dorothy Jongeward

Da Capo Press Inc; ISBN: 0201590441

Beyond Fear

Beyond Fear
Dorothy Rowe

Fear can often lead to physical illnesss like anorexia, or mental problems such as panic attacks, depression and schizophrenia. This book advises on breaking the pattern of keeping fear to ourselves. It shows how to recognize the need for change and bring it about.

How to Get What You Want Out of Life

How to Get What You Want Out of Life
William J. Reilly

HarperCollins; ISBN: 0722514069


In Our Own Hands
Sheila Ernst, Lucy Goodison

The Women's Press; ISBN: 0704338416

You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life
Louise L. Hay

Offering practical steps for dissolving both the fears and the causations of diseases, it shares Hay’s firsthand experiences about healing - including how she cured herself after having been diagnosed as being terminally ill with cancer.

Personality Adaptations

Personality Adaptations
Vann Joines, Ian stewart

This book is described as ‘a practical guide to understanding personality.’ It presents a research-based model of six personality adaptations, which provides a model that can be applied by any therapeutic or counselling approach. more>

TA Today : A New Inroduction to Transactional Analysis

TA Today : A New Inroduction to Transactional Analysis
Ian Stewart, Vann Joines

This book gives a very clear and informative introduction to Transactional Analysis.

The Family

The Family
John Bradshaw

Health Communications; ISBN: 0932194540





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